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Washington Square Sticker (Bumper)
Washington Square Park was the scene of Sunday Hootnannies, when hundreds of folksingers would gather in the dry fountain "Circle on the Square".
Cedar Saturday Sticker (Bumper)
Of course Saturday Night was the big night for the Cedar Bar -- it was not only a hangout, it was the central information place to find the Village Loft Parties for the Bohemian "Beat Generation".
Alone Sticker (Bumper)
New York School Action Artist EJ Gold has portrayed himself sitting alone at the back of the Cedar, waiting for girlfriend Renee Rosenberg to show up.
Union Square Sticker (Bumper)
You could set up a wooden milk carton on Union Square Park and give a pollitical speech; it was just down the street from Franz Kline's studio and the Cedar Bar.
Amsterdam Afternoon Sticker (Bumper)
This stunning landscape in the Dutch Masters style shows the influence of the Classical Painters on the Modernist Style.
Zig-Zag Tree Sticker (Bumper)
The Zig-Zag Tree stood in back of EJ Gold's summer home, the famous Old Zena Mill, where Bolton Brown once lived.
Winter Zena Mill Sticker (Bumper)
Winter in Woodstock was very much like winter everywhere in New England...cold, wet and snowy.
Gwaihir Sticker (Bumper)
EJ Gold was given a First Edition copy of Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien in 1954, and this is one result.
Horned Owl Sticker (Bumper)
This EJ Gold miniature of the Great Horned Owl was inspired by the sound of an owl outside the Zena Mill, summer 1954.
Gnarly Oak Sticker (Bumper)
The Gnarly Old Oak was halfway between EJ Gold's Zena Mill home and the home of his friends, Sam, Ruth and Frances Halsband.

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