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Gloomy Evening Sticker (Bumper)
Gloomy Evening reflects that time of day when the sun has just gone down; in the Catskills, that could mean the Headless Horseman is riding!
Hobbiton Sticker (Bumper)
Woodstock often reminded Artist EJ Gold of descriptions in JRR Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring", of Hobbiton.
Marshes Sticker (Bumper)
Marshland is precious today, but in the early days of Woodstock, NY, it meant non-tillable soil to the Dutch who settled there.
Dawson's Creek Sticker (Bumper)
Little Dawson's Creek ran past Bear Mountain down into the Zena.
Dawn Sticker (Bumper)
Summer days always started at dawn and folks didn't come in until well after dusk.
Dancing Trees Sticker (Bumper)
To the imaginative young artist, the older, gnarly trees often appeared as if they were dancing.
Blue Dawn Sticker (Bumper)
Ultraviolet light at dawn, infra-red light at sunset -- that's what every pleinair artist and photographer must know.
Pallisades Sticker (Bumper)
The Pallisades were often portrayed by the 19th century Hudson School painters.
Arroyo Coyote Sticker (Bumper)
Woodstock Impressionist EJ Gold applied the same techniques to paintings of the Southwest.
Along Mill Street Sticker (Bumper)
Looking past Aunika toward the recently reburbished Del Oro Theater.

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