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Web Truths:

We, the good folks at Galaxy Website Design have created this website as a service to our customers and other website newbies around the world. Within the cyber-walls of we shall explore the basics of website structure. What is needed? Why it's needed? And, perhaps even a little of How? Most importantly we plan to give you, the perspective webmaster, a heads-up so that you won't need to traverse the endless blind roads that so many of us have scouted on your behalf.

It is true that most learning comes from trial and error. But, nobody said you can't learn from someone else's trials and errors.

The previously mentioned "good folks" of Galaxy Website Design are artists, writers, composers, sculptors, and musicians who happen to also be geekish. While we aren't exactly orthodox geek, we have learned enough to create and support over 400 websites.

"Eschew Obfuscation" is a fancy complicated (and thus humorous) way of saying "Keep it simple, stupid." That is our motto. We hope to pass along to any who will learn the "Keep it Simple, Stupid" method of webdesign.

If you are orthodox geek and can program Oracle, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Flash, Java, and .NET in your sleep, then this site is not for you.

If you are the kind of person that has grudgingly admitted to the need for a website, but haven't the time, clue, or background, to whip one together then this website is for you.

The first stop on this whirlwind tour of cybercation should be What's The Deal. Give it a shot. And remember anytime you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Next Topic:"What's the Deal?" Here you'll find the down and dirty 30 second explanation of what we guys are upto.

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