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Good Beginnings
A Simple Website

A good beginning is to start with something you can actually do now.

"Once upon a time, long long ago there once was a retailer that hired a webmaster. There was a curse in the land. Many times when a webmaster was paid for their work they would fall into a deep comma never to be heard from again. This made the retailer nervous. What if his webmaster should fall under such a curse. The retailer wanted to make sure that everything important was included in the website all at once -- just in case.

"But what was the retailer to do? The beautiful chamber maid and her mice had not completed the fall line of clothes. And, the ugly step sisters have not completed the product photography. I guess everything must wait until, everything is done, before anything can be posted."

This is a sad story made even sadder by its familiarity. Most people who do not have a website yet have been "thinking about it" or "working on it" often have fallen prey to this dilemma.

There are two things to be done to avoid this particular problem. First, make sure your website is being created in such a way that you can Be Involved". Second, start with what you can actually do now -- and do it.

  • Do you know the name of your business?
  • Do you know what service you provide or products you sell?
  • Do you know who should take advantage of your services and products?
  • Do you know where you offer this service?
  • Do you know your business address?
  • Do you know your phone number?
  • Do you know your email address?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "NO" then for the sake of your business you need to fix that immediately. To be in business you must know the answers to the above questions.

If the answer to each of the above questions is "YES" then why don't you have your website up and running? If nothing else you could have a single page composed from the answers to the above six questions. This is simplicity itself. Click Here for a Simple, Simple Page

The simple page from the link above is really, really simple. Too simple in fact. But it is a beginning. And, any beginning can be a great beginning. The step from zero to something is huge.

But just to show you how simple it can be to spiff up such a simple page Click Here for a slightly spiffed up version.

And, with the addition of a graphic one can create a none-too-shabby page. Click Here for an example of a none-too-shabby page.

But, where would you find nice graphics and other design elements to spiff up your pages? You already have most of them. Below is a partial list of graphic sources: Existing Graphic Sources:

  • Camera ready from your business
  • Company Logo from company stationary
  • Pictures from company events
  • Product Sheets your sales people use
  • etc.

Get the idea. You already have a wealth in graphics. No $100 an hour to have some "graphics artist" create color stuff for you. Just get your existing material scanned for the internet. Not a big deal.

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