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What's The Deal:
The 30 second explanation of what we guys are upto.

If you are in business you should have a website. You can't escape it. That is the price of doing business in the internet age. If you don't agree then you are one of the lucky ones who have yet to experience that poignant pause as a potential client looks for you on the internet. "If you don't have a website, you aren't real" is the catch of the new business world.

We do it ourselves. When I'm talking to a vendor or software contractor I automatically think less of their abilities and integrity if they don't have a website. Obviously believing the existance of a website guarantees any integrity or moral certitude is silly. But we do it none the less.

So let's take it as given that a website is a must.

However, please watch carefully because this is a big however, you don't need more of a website than you need.

We can hear mental comeback: "What? Isn't that kind of obvious? Of course I don't need more of a website than I need."

Yes, we agree it is obvious, you don't need more of a website than you need. Unfortunately, the Guild of Webmasters and Internet Programmers have taken an oath of opportunism and are dedicated to the single-minded task of convincing you that the website size is directly proportional to your bank account. If you have lots and lots of money then obviously you need a lots and lots of website. if you have moderate lots of money then you need at least that moderate lots of website -- if not more. Don't blame the webmasters. It's your responsibility to watch out for your own benefit. Caveat Emptor -- buyer beware.

Within the pages of we shall endeavor to outline a sensible approach to developing a website which will get the job done without undue extravagance.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

By the way, in spite of our dire warnings about the possible predatory leanings of webmasters and webmavens, we should confess that we are such webfolks ourselves -- and we are, in fact, in the business of developing websites for clients and friends. We are equal opportunity doomsayers. We give our clients the same warnings that we give you here. We expect our clients to be just as self-initiated and empowered as we encourage you to be. That only makes for a better working relationship and the outcome has been demonstrated to be excellent time after time. We find the better prepared our clients are the better clients they become.

We've learned long, long ago to never worry about the bottom line. "Watch your integrity and the dollars will take care of themselves." That's the motto we strive to live up to.

Next Topic: "Why Now?" Why shouldn't I wait 'til later, when it will be easier?

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