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Why Now?
Why shouldn't I wait 'til later, when it will be easier?

You know the expression, "There's no time like the present." Well, there really isn't. If you wait until next week, or next month, or even next year when you get to this mythical future you'll find one inescapable truth -- the present has followed you. In fact, no matter how long you wait you'll always be standing smack dab in the present. The present is a lot like a Christmas fruit cake. It just keeps showing up. You can ignore it and turn your back on it. But that won't actually make it go away. For that you have to find a very poor relative that can't afford the return postage.

If you think you'll have more free time on your hands next week then you have right now, you just haven't been paying much attention to your life. The most free time we ever had disappeared sometime in the fall at or around the age of five. Ever since then time has been getting shorter and passing faster. Unfortunately the cure for this does not involve waiting.

Waiting by itself does not make it easier. It is simply not possible to get a correspondence GED (graduate equivalence degree) from the school of hard knocks. That's a classroom that must be visited in person.

So let's forget about the waiting part and make a short list of advantages we can expect from getting started now.

  • Jumping in the river puts you into a better perspective to survey the waters.
  • It is cheaper to start sooner and develop slower than to start later and develop faster.
  • Leave yourself leisure to start, restart, stop, experiment, start again, and work your way forward.
  • When you get started you will find co-incidence control will introduce you to the help you need along the path. The help you need rarely shows up before you get part way down the path.
  • The sooner you get your pages on the web the sooner your pages start to weave themselves into all the search engines and indexes.
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